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BRIEF: A brief I set myself to get into the Bachelor of Communications (Advertising). To accentuate the beauty of hardcopy books in youth. 

TARGET AUDIENCE: Parents and children alike. Sometimes it's a parent who purchases a book to read their child other times it's a request to purchase from the child or perhaps a reader from school. Ultimately, we know kids and books share a bond, but what is that bond?

BACKGROUND: Books bring joy to everyone and cascade through generations. However, the hardcopy book is becoming a thing of the past, with digital alternatives becoming the preference across multiple generations. Although, there are some key elements you miss in turning to digital like the smell of a book, physically turning the page, the closeness to your parents/babysitter, the stimulation of imagination and presence in the moment.

INSIGHT: A hardcopy book means presence of mind, imagination and extended bedtimes (speaking to children and the inner child of an adult).

MEDIUM: Print and Out Of Home

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